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What We Serve

Workforce Management - Contract Staffing

We understand business manpower needs and accordingly make candidates available for On the Job training and as an effective flexible manpower resource. Candidates provided by us work as an Apprentice, casual, NEEM, Trainees and we handle entry to exit activities for them

White & Blue Collar


1. We take the responsibility of all or part of contract labour management on client behalf, thus client can focus on core business without having to worry about human capital and related issues.
2. We provide rigorous professional services for end to end activities like attendance, payroll processing & compliance management of contract labours.

• Permanent employee liability reduction & labour cost optimization.
• End-to-end service for employers which help employer & HR department to focus on core activities.
• Subject matter expert service to address manpower, compliances, payroll and other related activities.
• Addresses Skill need for Industry and customized service tailored to specific need.
• Reduces expenditure on contract labour management

Trainee / Apprentice Staffing
1. Get trained by industry experts, learn skills that matter and be equipped to work all across Industries.
2. Training program prepares the candidates with relevant technical and professional expertise needed to work with clients all over Industries.
3. Train candidates on industry-specific skill areas that are in demand by the relevant Industry.

• Principle Employer liability reduction & labour cost optimization.
• Absenteeism and attrition will reduce as trainees will be motivated in view of their future.
• End-to-end service to employers to help employer & HR department to focus on core activities.
• Subject matter expert service to address manpower, compliances, payroll and other related activities.
• Addresses Skill need for Industry and customized service tailored to specific need.
• Optimize cost on compliances and reduces expenditure

Apprenticeship - Neem & Naps

NEEM : (National Employment Enhancement Mission)
NEEM objective is to develop a competent workforce which could take the country ahead in the industrial world. World popular concept of “On the job practical training” is the basis of this program targeting enhancement of employability among individuals who are pursuing graduation or have discontinued or completed a diploma or graduation in any technical or non-technical field.

• Provide employability training to individuals between the age group of 18 to 35 years.
• Industries can shape NEEM trainees as per their present and future requirements.
• On the Job Training up to three years.
• The consolidated stipend to trainees at par with applicable statutory minimum wages of the unskilled category in respective states without any statutory deductions.
• No obligation on the host industry to offer permanent employment at the end of NEEM Accredited program.

• Absenteeism and attrition will reduce as trainees will be under the control of TPA.
• TPA as a NEEM facilitator creates awareness among trainees on safety measures,
so the possibility of accidents is less.
• Highly focused and passionate candidates will give their contribution to the growth of the industry.
• The industry will notice an increase in productivity with quality because of a motivated workforce.
• The completion of an apprenticeship program results in highly trained professionals who can contribute noticeably to the industries’ bottom line and ensures a high level of quality production.

NAPS : (National Apprenticeship Promotion Program)
NAPS is a new scheme of Government of India to promote apprenticeship. Apprenticeship Training consists of Basic Training and On-the-Job Training/Practical Training at workplace in the industry. The main objective of the scheme is to promote apprenticeship training and to increase the engagement of apprentices.

• Government will reimburse part of expenses incurred in providing Basic Training wherever necessary and also part of Stipend paid to the Apprentices.
• Employers will not be required to cover Apprentices under Provident Fund and ESI scheme.
• The well-established organization can implement NAPS with help of Third Party Aggregators and Basic Training Providers
• Basic Training is mandatory only to those who do not have ITI, Diploma and Degree in Engineering.
• The On the Job Training time period could be 6 to 36 months

• Incentives to employers for creating industry-ready workforce i.e Reimbursement of 25%
of prescribed stipend per apprentice
• End-to-end service for employers through TPA
• Addresses Skill Gap for Industry and customized training tailored to specific need
• Reduces expenditure on recruitment process
• Reduces attrition as loyalty factor in apprentices is relatively higher



We offer complete payroll outsourcing services, from basic payroll calculations, statutory compliance, facilitating transparent employee communication while ensuring complete confidentiality.

We offer complete payroll outsourcing and payroll management services

• Payroll related Compliance
• Leave and Attendance Management
• Labour Law Compliance
• Employee Self-Service Portal
• Client Admin Self Service Portal

• Maintaining the personal and salary data of employees
• Providing them salary slips. Handle complex, transactions of the Client’s payrolls like– contractual/ apprentices/ trainees payrolls, Bonus Calculation, Third Party payments, Interim payments etc.
• Keeping the attendance up to date.
• Giving full and final settlement of the employees who are leaving the organization.
• CTC related reimbursement processing like Medical, LTA, Fuel, Telephone etc.

Features that truly differentiate us from the rest
• Reduced Cost
• Ensured Business Continuity
• Robust Data Security
• Highly Automated Workflows
• No Need to Hire Specialized Manpower
• Self Service Portal based Logins for employees and HR Admins

Handover all your headaches to payroll outsourcing companies and get relief from payroll hassles

• Accurate payroll, consistently
You can be assured of accurate payroll processing, on-time every time.
• No Technology investments
No need to make any technology investments, we take care of that for you.
• Confidentiality ensured
We understand that payroll is a sensitive topic and maintain confidentiality at all times.

• Customized reports
Get custom reports to enable faster decision making across the organization.



Companies, big and small must adhere to statutory laws and regulations to keep the businesses out of any legal trouble and avoid penalties. Keeping track of changing government norms and regulations at all times is not easy and is a challenge in most companies.

Some of the activities we cover as a part of statutory compliance and labour law compliance services :

• Registrations & Renewals - Shop & Establishment Registration, CLRA Licenses, PF, ESI, PT Registration, Factory Licenses.
• Recurring Compliance Services - Filing of Remittances, Filing of Returns, Maintenance of Registers, Assistance in Inspections, Hearings, Notices and Summons.
• Audit Services - One-time On-premise Audit, Self-Certification Audit, Clearance of Inspection & Non Compliances (NC), Due Diligence Services.
• POSH Services - Assistance in Drafting Policy and Framework, Assistance with ICC (Internal Compliance Committee) Formation, Assistance in Handling Cases and Inquiries.
• UAN Updation.
• Calculation & Deduction of the respective statutory dues.
• Preparation of Statutory Reports/Registers. Preparation of professional tax reports as per different states.
• Preparation of requisite challans, preparation and Filing of Monthly, Half Yearly, Annual and random returns.

Collation and compilation of employees’ documents for Registration, Nomination, Transfer, Withdrawal and Pension Liaison with Statutory bodies.

We offers a range of HR statutory compliance management and labour law compliance services:
• Calculation and Deduction of all Statutory Payments (TDS, PF, PT, ESIC, LWF)
• Upload of Data on respective websites and Generate the Challans
• Filing of Transfer & Withdrawal forms for PF
• Filing of Returns with Govt. Agencies.
• Registrations & Renewals, Recurring Compliance Services , Audit Services, POSH Services

We offers a range of statutory compliance services to help companies deal with such challenges. This includes, but is not limited to, your Provident Fund, ESIC, Profession Tax, Labour Welfare Fund and other statutory deductions applicable for your particular organization.
• Understanding human resource department compliance needs and accordingly managing all end to end compliance activities.
• Compliance activities mapping, gap analysis and total planning for implementation.
• Compliance calendar preparation & execution and documentation.
• An automated system to complete all statutory requirements/compliances and reports generation.
• Work scope – All statutory compliances for a month, quarter, half year & year



Training and development refers to educational activities within a company created to enhance the knowledge and skills of employees while providing information and instruction on how to better perform specific tasks.

• Open house and In-house training programs with emphasize on identification of various needs of corporate customers and bring them into reality with innovative concepts.
• Industrial trainings for candidates (ITI, Diploma, BE, Graduates) and industrial working employees
• Institutional training for personal and professional development, industry orientation, Management practices know how, operational excellence


A training and development function is to help its organization to have highly efficient employees.
This can be achieved by :

• understanding the current vision and objective of the business
• analyzing the gaps in employees to perform current or future jobs/tasks
• bespoke programs to handle the training requirements
• implement training programs / workshop through classroom or live classes or e-learning etc.
• Review the effectiveness of the training and development activities
• Plan for further development

Training and development is not a one time activity but is continuous and should be aligned with organizations' growth.

Training and Development enhances employees' competence to perform a task or few tasks. It helps individuals to grow in corporate hierarchy. For business, the training and development helps in enhancing efficiency levels of employees, thereby progress to the company. Every organization should have sufficient interest and efforts to develop its staffs to have continued progress.